sean chamberlain (B. 1995, PORTLAND, OR)
2020 Bachelor of Fine Arts: Intermedia | Minors in Critical Theory and Art History, Pacific Northwest College of Art

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2019 the democratization of celebrity, b10 Gallery, Portland, OR
2018 i don’t drive, i cruise (w/ Brad Hoseley), b10 Gallery, Portland, OR +
2018 the porn won’t load, Composition, Portland, OR
2017 my hard drive is broken (w/ Linden How), First Brick, Portland, OR
2017 A Rat in Your Juice, GAK Project Space, Portland, OR +

2022 Dungeon Media Chamber (curated by Madison Hames), Portland, OR
2020 (see also:) variable performances of a well-designed site index (curated by Kyle Cohlmia), in tandemn with The Center for Contemporary Art & Culture’s Networks of (Be)longing curated by Laurel V. McLaughlin, online*+
2020 RE:Location (curated by Mack McFarland and Ariana Jacobs), Congress Yard Projects, Portland, OR
2019 No Human Involved (curated by Roya Amirsoleymani, Kat Salas, and Matilda Bickers), Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Portland, OR +
2018 OV Project Library (curated by Erin Johnson & Marguerite Bailey, OV Project Space, Portland, OR
2017 DUOLOGUE (curated by Laura Medina & Aiden Bosanko), UNA gallery, Portland, OR
2017 Projects for the Page (curated by Emily Henderson, Ashley Gibson Graeter and Ido Radon), Lemelson Gallery, Portland, OR

AWARDS/GRANTS/RESIDENCIES2020 Artist Relief Grantee, Oregon Arts Comission (with Oregon Community Foundation and the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation), Portland, OR 2020 Artist Relief Grantee, Artist Relief (comprised ofthe Academy of American Poets, Artadia, Creative Capital, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, MAP Fund, National YoungArts Foundation, and United States Artists)
2020 Thesis Writing Award, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR 2020 Emergency Fund for Artists and Creative Workers Grantee, Regional Arts and Culture Council, Portland, OR
2019 The Andy Warhol Foundation’s Precipice Fund Grantee for Mental Health Club, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Portland, OR
2018 New York Arts Practicum, New York, New York

2020- Stand Up Comedy (under Diana Kim), Portland, OR *remote
2018 IT GIRL S2 (w/ Yuko, Daphne, Perfect Health, Evan James Atwood, Parker, Eeva, Hydrangea Strangea, Daniel Ada, Paula Ada, Snake Oil, Rak Salt), Portland, OR
2018 IT GIRL S1 (w/ Perfect Health, Rak Salt, Kahn, Debris, Maarquii, Eve OG Woman, Fine China), Portland, OR
2018 Mental Health Club 4 (w/ Jasmine Infiniti, GIA, Perfect Health, FatherFannie, Maarquii, Yuko, Nicholaus Petersen), Portland, OR
2017 Arson Nicki's Slow Burn, project205, Portland, OR
2017 Mental Health Club 3 (w/ Maarquii, Arson Nicki, Buckmaster, Rakeem, Carly Barton, (703) 863-4357, Perfect Health, Nicholaus Petersen, Alec Marchant) , Portland, OR
2017 Kat Salas' Pure Adobe, project205, Portland, OR +
2017 Anna Marl's A star falls from the sky, project205, Portland, OR
2017 Mental Health Club presents: Anthony Dicap (w/ Perfect Health, Troubled Youth, Hold My Hand), Portland, OR
2017 GoodSport's 00:00:00, project205, Portland, OR +
2016 Fine Artist a.k.a. Bashir Naim's SEMI//DEMI, 700b, Portland, OR +
2016 Tine Bek's Man Made Holes in the Middle of America (w/ Chloe Alexandra Thompson), 700b, Portland, OR + 

2022 Heart Chamber, Dungeon Media Chamber, Portland, OR
2020 (see also:) variable performances of a well-designed site index, Online2019 the democratization of celebrity, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR
2018 homonormativity and the second self, OV Project Space, Portland, OR


2019 Performance Assistant/Actor for Peter Simensky’s Unearth, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Portland, OR
2018 - 2019 Studio Assistant to Baseera Khan, New York, NY
2017 - 2019 Floral Assistant to Nicholaus Petersen, Portland, OR
2016 Latex Casting Model/Assistant for Tori Wrånes’ A Mortal Song, DISJECTA Contemporary, Portland, OR
2016 Studio Assistant to Demian DinéYazhi ́, Portland, OR

2018 Gio Gionnii’s Structure, Portland, OR
2017 Motovadar & Hard Yes' Nightcrawler (w/ Nicholaus Petersen and Alec Marchant), Portland, OR
2017 J Walling's Drama Queen, Portland, OR
2017 Buckmaster's Sad Day, Portland, OR
2017 Stacy Stl Lisa & Buckmaster's Club Kai Kai, Portland, OR
2017 Ann Pyne's Okurrrrrr, Portland, OR
2017 Buckmaster's Necronancy w/ Raja Gemini, Portland, OR
2016 Stranger Disco: Labyrinths (under Nicholaus Petersen)
2016 White Visitation (w/ Neu Balance, Coast2C, Vera Rubin, Tabor Dark), Portland, OR 
2016 DJ Help (w/ Matt Tecson, Carly Barton, Perfect Health, (703) 863-4357), Portland, OR
2016 Mental Health Club II: Spa ( w/ Los Datos, FFT, Coast2C, Perfect Health, Sappho)
2016 Gio Gionnii's Stuffed, Portland, OR

202? everything is on fire, a work of fiction, currently self-published *
2021 the democratization of celebrity (2020), dirt children vol. 3
2020 the twenty-four-hour creation of man (2020), published by Nueoi as the foreward for Valentino Valez’s 2424, Los Angeles, CA

2020 Transpositive Interview with sean chamberlain
2019 Hyperallergic Review: STROLL X Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s No Human Involved by Lindsay Costello
2017 Out Magazine Artist Creates Glory Hole Sculpture From Headless Grindr Profile by Justin Moran